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When the light cross gaps

If you saw the shadow from the traditional Chinese window you would amazed by its variable pattern and quiet grace. The patterns on this product are different. One is design of its beauty but the other has some meaning. That pattern is a upside-down Chinese word “福”. In Chinese culture the福”mean happiness, lucky( all the good things) and the Chinese… Read more →


C tea table

Most of things in our world are made of C, H, O, the very basic elements. We can see how extraordinary that these three fundamental elements compose our brilliant world by different platform and different structures. Even if some glaring things which seems gorgeous, such as diamonds, are still carbon as same as dirty coals. Base on this idea, the… Read more →


Y sports bag

When I saw my classmates carrying several bags walking to the sport field difficultly I always wondered that why don’t we use only one big bag instead of several small bags? Therefore, I design this sports bag. The net on the top is used to put a ball. The main body of the bag is divided into two parts, one… Read more →


Tie you up

Nowadays, in this stressful busy world people sit in front of the desk for longer time and this trigger more health problem, for example, the cervical spondylopathy. For me as a designer all I could do is try to design a good product to help them. This idea came from F1 racing cars. The seat of the F1 racing car… Read more →


Skeleton charger

We recharge our phone every day, sometimes more than once a day. In case that we rely on our phone and we cannot bear an hour without it or forget it, so we have to ensure that our phones are always available. However these days the huge screen is so popular in smart phones even apple starts to make their… Read more →


A monster mouth

This is an iphone protector. The red parts refer to the monster’s gingival and the exaggerated white parts refer teeth. The teeth are a little bit protuberant to express the feeling of real teeth. Also two teeth bend to give this protector an impressive feeling. Actually black iphone is more appropriate to this design because the dark color will enhance… Read more →