Viv02 (2)

A strange “S”

The office in a design company always attracts me because of their unique and special beauty. This table is quite big so that you can work at any side of it and spread all your staff on it. Also the little slope of the table gives this product vitality but don’t worried, the slope is so small that your staff… Read more →


A monster mouth

This is an iphone protector. The red parts refer to the monster’s gingival and the exaggerated white parts refer teeth. The teeth are a little bit protuberant to express the feeling of real teeth. Also two teeth bend to give this protector an impressive feeling. Actually black iphone is more appropriate to this design because the dark color will enhance… Read more →

Viv08 (2)


Regular and conflict some time are other kinds of harmonic. The seat of this chair is made of an entire piece of wood but the foot of this one is made of complex steel sticks. The candid on the top part comparing to the complicated on the bottom create a strange harmonic feeling in this product. Material: wood, steel   Read more →

Viv01 (2)

Cracking table

I want to give this table some Zen feeling and that is the crack came from. Most of time we want to obtain something perfect without any blemish and then we would say that is an ideal product. However is that true? From my opinion, the perfect thing does not exist in the world. How to be perfect? It needs… Read more →

Viv09 (2)

Falling down

Generally people would fix the flaws. For example when you saw a table clothes that almost fell of the table would you try to put it to the right position? In this design you will never be able to fix you falling down table clothes because it is a part of the table and they are united. The fake table… Read more →


Lover’s Book Ends

I always loved the way book ends can accent a book shelf.  It can also say something about the reader of the books. I am combining the size and weight of stable bookends by using trees.  One half the tree will be climbed by the boy and the other half the girl.  When you are done reading your book list,… Read more →


Modular Artists’ Toolkit

  Most artist have to carry this thing with them everywhere they go. As an artist, I know the pain of carrying this heavy piece of equipment.  That is why I wanted to design something easier to carry. I also have to carry many other things like paints.  So I thought, why not design a box or a bag that… Read more →

Something useful

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